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CRITERIA for becoming a Service Provider on the Aging Projects, Inc. website. Downloadable PDF (70K)

HOW TO fill out the application to become a Service Provider for Aging Projects, Inc. Downloadable PDF (60K)

APPLICATION form to become a Service Provider on this website. Downloadable PDF (653KB). Ideally, this form may be filled in on your computer. The completed form may be saved and emailed and/or printed. Some properties of the application form, such as tool tips (informational pop-ups) and the Submit button, may not work directly from your browser. In that case, you will need to download the form and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. If your browser does not automatically download pdfs (some browsers open pdfs in the browser without downloading them), look under File - Save As. You will need Adobe Reader, version 6 or later, which may be downloaded from Adobe.
Very Important: If you fill out the form on your computer and submit it electronically, you must still print the last page, sign it, and mail or deliver it to the Aging Projects office at the address on the Contact Us page. We must have an original signature.

EVENTS AND MEETINGS: Find out what events are coming up that we’re participating in, and find out how you can become involved as a valued Volunteer with our project. See where and when our next Board and Advisory Committee meetings will be. Everyone is welcome!

PRINT BROCHURES in color or black-and-white with general information about Aging Projects, Inc., as well as information about Volunteering with us or becoming a Service Provider with us.


For more information: Email the Director.

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